Review Policy

At Remoteplay we ensure that our reviews are unbias and represents the views of our reviewers. We avoid any possible influence from game publishers, public relations agencies, developers or anyone else, to assign higher scores or make positive recommendation for a game. Even though we value the relationships we have built, our reviews are our opinion of the game and we strive to be honest and critical where necessary. We will never accept payment for any of our reviews. 

At RemotePlay we employ a ten-point review score. The review score will represent how the game performed relative other games within that genre. So an RPG will be compared to an RPG and a fighting game with a fighting game.


10                  Masterpiece

9.0 – 9.9        Excellent

8.6 – 8.9        Highly Recommended

8.0 – 8.5        Great

7.0 – 7.9        Good

6.0 – 6.9        Okay

5.0 – 5.9        Disappointing

4.0 – 4.9        Poor

3.0 – 3.9        Terrible

2.0 – 2.5        Broken

1.0 – 1.5        Failure to launch


How much of a game is played before a review is written?

Generally, our reviewers will complete a game’s story and where possible try all available modes within a game. There is some exception to the rule like sports games or MMORPG.

When the review is written, the reviewer will ensure they understand the game, experience both single and multiplayer where applicable and if possible play the game on multiple consoles/PCs. 

How do we get our games to review?

We work with publishers, PR agencies to request review copies of the game when the game is close to launch. Publishers provide us review copies or codes which allows us to review the game. This means we get free review copies of games in exchange for an our unbias review.

Do you wish us to review your game?

Please e-mail with your request and we will do our best to review your game. 

Where do we publish our reviews?

Our reviews are featured on website, social media and Open Critic.