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Lost Judgment Announced And Gets A Simultaneous Worldwide Launch

During SEGA’s Judgment day livestream, RGG studio Head Toshihiro Nagoshi officially revealed the sequel to the critically acclaimed Judgment. The sequel will be titled Lost Judgment and it’ll get a simultaneous launch worldwide on September 24, 2021. The game will have many graphical improvements including high detail characters models, improvements lighting system, and new locations. The game will be taking to you Yokohama, a high school, and other familiar locations.

Lost Judgment will feature new mini games and it’ll  give you ability to skateboard like Tony Hawk around the district. Takayuki Yagami will remain as the main protagonist in this sequel. You can check out the stream and the trailer below.

Lost Judgment will launch globally on September 24, 2021 for PS5| PS4, and Xbox Series X|S.







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