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Playstation Reveal Next Generation VR Controller

In 2016, PlayStation launched the PSVR it was highly praised for it’s tech. Sitting at over 5 million PSVR sales in 2020, it was only a matter of time before the next generation VR would be revealed. Since we’re at the peak of the current PSVR, Sony finally revealed their next generation VR controller and it’s packing some punch.

Adaptive Triggers

first, the controller is going to have adaptive triggers, so it’s going to follow the same formula as the PS5 Dualsense. Think about how in Astrobot when you’re shooting that Gatling gun and the adaptive triggers reacts with resistance with every shot. Or, when you are climbing with that monkey suit the adaptive triggers needed to be pressed either gently or firmly in order to hold onto the climbing stones.

Haptic Feedback

The new instalment of PSVR is going to make use of haptic feedback so imagine playing astrobot but in VR so you are going to feel the difference between walking on wood vs walking on metal. or, swimming or skating every single move you are going to make is going to feel unique and immersive.


unlike the original vr controller that was on the PlayStation 4 this one is going to have a shape of an orb, both are made so that they are having ergonomic usement in mind. Furthermore, PlayStation has confirmed that they tested that shape with all kinds of hands and types of sizes and the result is going to blow player’s minds.

Finger touch detection

this new vr is going to make use of finger touch detection which means the controller will detect your movement without touching its buttons. that’s going to create a lot of unique and fresh gameplay experiences. Furthermore, the controller is going to be trackable for the vr headset via a ring at the bottom of the controller.

2 controllers with 2 different button prompts

with the right controller the cross and circle button but also the R1 button and the R2 trigger and an option button on the left controller. The left controller will have the square and triangle button and also the L1 button and L2 trigger and also a create button.


So far there is no price for the new vr headset nor its controllers nor is there a release date. When that happens we are going to make sure to let our readers know. The original psvr was a great machine that elevated the ps4 experience as someone that have experienced the dualense haptics feedback and adaptive triggers I can’t wait nor imagine just how much of a leap the ps5 vr is going to be over the ps4 version. one thing i can say for sure is this next-gen is going to bring some amazing features into it.








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