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PlayStation Continue Their Play At Home Initiative By Giving Away 10 Free Games

Today, Sony Interactive entertainment has announced that they’re further expanding their Play At Home Initiative program by giving away an additional 10 games. You can download the games from the PS Store free of charge with no subscription and no strings attached. You can play these games on PS4 and PS5 via backwards compatibility.

These 10 games are:


Abzu : A beautiful underwater game that let’s you interact with underwater creatures from Giant Squid Studios. Dive into the amazing place that is underwater and try to uncover the mystery of the underwater by solving puzzles and interacting with the underwater creatures.

Horizon Zero Dawn: A story-driven action-adventure game that has you fighting against robot creatures. Step in the shoes of Aloy a young female that is trying to uncover the reason for her existence. Who she is who are her parents and why is she living in a world filled with robot dinos that are trying to kill her.

Enter The Gungeon : is an roughlike indie game that has you fighting enemies and bosses with creative guns. This game makes use of its unique art style and concept to bring you some amazing bullet-hell gameplay.Furthermore, this game got multiple endings and multiple end bosses to face off against.

Subnatica:  Gather resources and fight bosses and enemies and try to uncover the mystery of this place in an underwater action survival adventure.

The witness : is an indie game that is focused on puzzels in an deserted island there are around 500 puzzels to solve so goodluck

Rez infinte : a musical shooter on rails


Astrobot Rescue Mission is a platformer that lets you play as a small robot. Be prepared to have a lot of fun while playing as this little robot interacting with the world in a unique and fun and creative way furthermore, collect coins and fight enemies and bosses.

Moss: is an puzzle solving game in first person and 3rd person , also you plays as a mice.

Thumper: is an rythem game on rails in space

Paper Beast: is an action adventure puzzle solving game




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