Jade Raymond Forms A New Studio And Partners With Sony On A New IP

Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Jade Raymond has announced a new partnership to form Haven Entertainment Studios. Sony is heavily investing on the Studio and will help fund their first project. The team will be creating a new IP for PlayStation 5.

Haven Entertainment studios is based in Montréal Canada. The team will be given the “full freedom to push boundaries with the support of a publisher”.

Jade Raymond had leadership roles at Ubisoft, EA and Google. She helped create Assassin’s Creed and the Watchdogs franchises. She’s also known for her work on Splinter Cell: blacklist and managed Ubisoft Toronto. Raymond was also responsible for the Star Wars games by EA. Unfortunately, her reign at Stadia was cut short as Google closed it’s first party studio’s. Jade Raymond stated the following:-

“I could not be more excited about this opportunity to return to my roots and work with this talented team to create a new IP together,” said Raymond. “Launching an independent studio with the backing of Sony Interactive Entertainment gives us full freedom to push boundaries with the support of a publisher that deeply understands the creative process of making games and is known for exceptional quality and a player-first approach.”

No further details were given on the game or the partnership but it sounds like a similar deal to what Sony signed with Kojima Productions. Although Haven Entertainment Studio’s operates independently, you can still look at them as a second party studios for Sony.


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