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Perfect Dark Revealed For Xbox Series X|S And PC

Today, Xbox Game Studios and The initiative finally revealed their secret project at The Game Awards 2020. The Initiative will create a new Perfect Dark game for the xbox series x|s and PC. This will be their first game since the studio was assembled in 2017 by Microsoft. The studio is full of industry veterans from Crystal Dynamics, Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica. The Initiative gave us a teaser reveal trailer of Joanna Dark’s all new outing.

A dev diary was also published where the creators talked about their vision for a Perfect Dark game. The new game will be an Espionage sci-fi action game with cool secret agent gadgets and more. Perfect Dark was originally created by the old Rare team from the N64 era. After Microsoft acquired Rare, they released Perfect Dark Zero for the xbox 360. Since then, the franchise has been on hiatus. We at Remote Play are thrilled to see the return of Joanna Dark and look forward to her new adventure.

No release date was given but we’ll keep you posted on the game’s progress.

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