Bright Memory Review

In May 2020 Microsoft Inside Xbox event debuted with Bright Memory Infinite a game from a new studio FYQD. It was game being built by a single person using the Unreal Engine.

The previous year  2019, FYQD released Bright Memory as a tech demo on Steam as a prelude to the full game. This same tech demo Bright Memory is now available to be purchased on the Xbox X|S for a mere sum of £6.69. Be warned it is less than an hour long and has many bugs, but it gives a glimpse of what the full game could be like. The game acts as prologue for the final game.


Bright Memory is a fusion of FPS and an action game. The story line is a tad convoluted that involves fighting a terrorist organisation known as SAI as well as undead beasts and the zombies on an airborne continent above the North Pole. Bright Memory is a visually impressive game, be it the weather effects, the character models or lush environment the game is set in.

The main character Shelia comes equipped with a machine gun, a pistol, a shotgun that feels more like machine gun then a shotgun and best of all a sword. The weapons use ammo, whist your blade grants you a limited number of strikes while you wait for it to cooldown. You also come equipped with an EMP blast that can be upgraded to a freeze blast. You can dodge to the left or right which comes in really handy when you pinned up against a wall and an ability to zip across the screen.

The big question, how does the combat feel? Combat is fast-paced and fluid, your machine gun It feels a little weak relative to the standard enemies you could across, but that is where your sword comes in handy. The sword is effective in close combat and feels powerful to yield, even against the bosses you meet in the game. The combination of sword and gun makes for some interesting encounters, and this is one of the reasons that this game stands out from other FPSs. Add to that the ability to freeze an enemy, launch them in the air or send out a shock blast from your hand gives you arsenal worthy to tackle any enemy.

What makes Bright Memory different to other FPS and more like action games like Devil May Cry is a style meter where combing different fighting styles grants you rating. , building up from D through to SSS if you can continually land attacks. You can even unlock an achievement by maintaining a SSS rating.

Yes, the game has graphically glitches, sound glitches, menus that were designed for mouse and keyboard and a plot that really doesn’t make sense. Added to that is dodgy AI but there is something refreshing to this game. Yes, it is over as quick as it started, and the character movement is clumsy at times, but you can forgive that when you understand the game was made by one person!

Is the game worth buying? It is not a lot of money, but you also don’t get a lot of gameplay from it either. If you interested in Bright Memory Infinite, then it worth the investment just to get a glimpse of the gameplay but be warned it has bugs.


“A demo with high quality graphics and great combat but way too short”

Longevity :

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