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Destruction: All Stars Pushed Back So It Can Launch On PlayStaion Plus In February

Destruction: All Stars has been delayed and officially confirmed as February’s Playstation Plus line-up. The delay, which would usually be met with pessimism, has blown up across the interwebs as news to celebrate.

PlayStaion has confirmed in a blog post that the game is a multiplayer focused title and by launching it via PS Plus in February, gives the studios time to buff up, polish, and provide the best player base possible. Destruction: All Stars can potentially have the same success as Rocket League and Fall Guys since it’s gonna be available for PlayStaion Plus members.

PlayStaion Plus is already looking adding amazing value on the PlayStaion 5 with the PS Plus collection and adding Destruction: All Stars is just the icing on the cake. We can’t wait to jump in.

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