Dave Bautista Becomes Marcus Fenix In A Campaign Update For Gears 5

If there’s one person I identify Marcus Fenix with, it’s Dave Bautista. When I first saw the cover art for the original Gears Of War on the xbox 360, the only person I thought of is the former WWE superstar. Fans have been clambering for years to have Bautista taking on the role of the Xbox icon on the silver screen. The actor has been vocal about his passion to land the role.

As of now, Universal hold the filming rights for Gears but nothing has been decided. Late last year, Dave Bautista got his foot in to the Gears universe when the Coalition brought him in to scan his likeness and record his voice as a multiplayer skin.

It looks like dreams can come true as Xbox and the Coalition has announced this week that
Marcus Fenix is now gonna be recasted as the Gears 5 campaign will feature Dave Bautista taking on the role. The update will roll out on November 10, 2020 when the Xbox Series X|S launches. Bautista has done the entire voiceover so it’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out.

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