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Major Changes Coming To PlayStaion’s Trophy System Including Trophy Tracking

There’s been a massive amount of news coming out of the PlayStation camp, but this might be one of the biggest this year.

Trophy Hunting is now changed. Trophy levels will now be expressed with an entirely new value set. At the PlayStation blog, Sony has went into detail on how they will be renumerating how they tally PlayStation scores.

Additionally, the design language has changed completely. We could write more about it, but we feel it’s best for you to check out below!

Lastly, Trophy progression tracking will open a new universe of trophy hunting. Sony briefly mentioned how developers can now tailor trophies on PS5 to indicate “artifacts missing” or “collectibles” to better convey how much of a trophy is left to achieve.

This all sounds like breathtaking stuff and we can’t wait for the next generation PS5 experience.

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