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Youtubers And The Japanese Press Get Early Hands-On With The PlayStaion 5

Today a select few Japanese YouTuber’s and press got their grubby mitts on the PlayStation 5. This is the first time since the pandemic that Sony has made a broad stroke effort to get the machine out to the press and influencers. HikakinGames and company got a closer look in person of Sony’s next generation console. They got early hands-on with games, such as Astros Playroom, Godfall and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. I’ll leave links below

Parsing through the multiple outlets we can confirm some awesome details.

1. PS5 is silent and blows out warm air in a room that is 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
2. The X button is now the universal confirm button across all regions.
3. The PS5 fan is supposedly 200mm in size.
4. Astro’s Playroom has a boot time of 3.8 seconds from the boot menu to game.

More as it breaks, but we at RemotePlay are hyped.

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