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Xbox Series S | X Prices Revealed Including Pre-orders And Launch Date

Xbox fans since the announcement of the Xbox Series X, originally known as Project Scarlet have been agonising waiting for the release date, the price and more importantly when they could hand over their hard earned cash to pre-order it.

After yesterdays leak and then Microsoft confirming the existence the Xbox Series S; today Microsoft followed up with several important news items.

We learnt more the Xbox Series S specification and that Gears 5 multiplayer will run at 120 FPS:

That the Xbox Series X will be £449 in the UK, with pre-orders starting on Tuesday 22nd September. The release of both the Series S and X is Tuesday November 10th.

November 10th will also see the release of Watch Dog for Series S|X

Assassin Creed Vahalla is also day 1 release on the Xbox Series S|X with 60 FPS and 4K on the Series X.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light is another title for day one release at 60 FPS and 4K on the Xbox Series X.

Sega Yazuka Like a Dragon will also be a launch title.

As well as Gears Tactic which launched early this year on PC.

Microsoft also announced that EA Play which costs £20 a year will be provided for free as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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