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Xbox Series S Design And Price Leaked

Today, we finally get to see the form factor of the rumoured Xbox Series S. Brad Sams, a Microsoft centric YouTuber revealed the image and leaked the price. Nothing is official as of now but according to Sams, the Xbox Series S will go for $299.99. The Series S is an entry level console the uses 4 RDNA 2 Tflops and the same Zen 2 CPU as the Series X.

The console is designed for 1440p gaming. When it comes to the aesthetics, the console has a similar look to the current Xbox One x but with a black vent. The console doesn’t have an optical drive so it’s basically gonna be a next gen version of the Xbox one S all digital edition. We believe it’s great entry level product if the $299.99 price tag is official. The only question remains is the price of the Xbox Series X. So far, Microsoft has refused to comment on pricing and the recent leaks so we’ll have to wait for now .

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