Halo Infinite Campaign Reveal

At the Xbox Games Showcase we got to see for the first time the campaign for Halo Infinite. The game has been in development for 5 years and runs on a new graphic engine Slipspace.

“For the first time players will have the freedom to explore a Halo ring that’s several times larger than our last few Halo games combined,” said 343’s Chris Lee

Halo Infinite see MasterChef taking on the Banished. The Banished are a mercenary group that first appeared in Halo Wars 2 that rebelled against the covenant. The group was founded by two brutes named Atriox and Decimus, but also incorporated other races of the Covenant. The demo showed for the first time a grappling hook, a new weapon and ends with the Banished War Chief Escharum.

The games was built from the ground up to support the Xbox Series X but will also support the Xbox One and PC. The game is due for release Holiday season this year.

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