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Sony Reveal The PlayStaion 5 Console With A Disc And Digital Edition

PlayStation 5 is finally here. On Thursday, June 11, 2020- Sony put together a show that absolutely mesmerized and to cap it off? The official unveil of PlayStaion 5.

Playstation 5 will come in two flavors: a disc version and an all digital. The console has an ultra fast SSD, UHD Bluray drive, over 10 TF of GPU power, and – 3D audio.

In addition, Sony also announced new accessories for the PlayStaion 5. You’ll be able to purchase a PlayStaion 5 camera, a new remote, a charging dock for your DualSense controller and a new wireless headset that supports 3D audio.

There’s was no announcement regarding price or pre-orders going live but we’ll keep you posted. We at Remote Play are absolute in love – what do you think?

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