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PlayStaion 5 Event Officially Announced For June 4th

June 4th, 2020.

Remember this date, it is the day next generation starts!

Sony Interactive Entertainment chairman, Jim Ryan, took to the PlayStation blog today to detail what we feel is going to be gaming event of the year.

Ryan, in a short form interview, detailed the challenges of communication during these troubling times. However, PlayStation and their plans for next generation will not be tempered! June 04th, 2020 – Sony will host a digital event just over an hour long featuring new, never before seen, next generation software. You can watch the event live on PlayStaion’s Youtube and Twitch channels. The show will begin at 9pm BST.

To Playstation fans and our audience, the wait has been long, but it will be worth it. We can’t wait til next week – as the saying goes: Greatness Awaits!

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