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Ghost Of Tsushima Gets An Extended Look During PlayStation’s State Of Play

During today’s State Of Play livestream, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Sucker Punch Productions gave us an extended look at their upcoming PS4 exclusive Ghost Of Tsushima.

The extended look gave us a sneak peek of the exploration and the combat. The footage showed how Jin would traverse and how to find collectibles. You’ll also have a map to guide you on where you need to go.

Sucker Punch also went in depth with the combat and playing styles. You can fight as an honourable Samurai in a classic Samurai fashion. You can also fight in a dishonourable fashion in the way of the Ghost. You can use stealth to sneak behind enemies and use stealth assassinations. You can use smoke and fire crackers to distract enemies. Timing is everything when it comes to using a sword. You can also customize Jin with all the materials you find across the map and since this is a Sucker Punch game, Ghost Of Tsushima also has a unique photo mode. You can shoot awesome looking images with dynamic backgrounds.

lastly, the game will also have a Samurai Cinema mode. This mode would allow player to be fully immersed like they’re in a classic Samurai movie flick. This mode will contain a black and white, windy and flim grained filter to give you movie style experience.

You can check out the Ghost Of Tsushima Extended look on the latest episode of State Of Play linked below.

Ghost Of Tsushima will release on July 17, 2020 exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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