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Epic Games Showcases Unreal Engine 5 On PS5 With A Stunning Demo

Playstation 5 news has been sparse and many have been wondering just what next generation is all about.

Well today that changes. In a nearly hour long debut on Geoff Keighley’s Summer of Gaming festival livestream  – an in game tech demo of Unreal Engine 5 was shown running on a Playstation 5 devkit.

And it looked stunning. Check out the video below!

The demo was Action Adventure based with some highly detailed 8K textures. The PS5’s unique SSD had ability to stream these highly detail textures without any pop ins. Some of the statues were impressively rendered with over 33 million polygons. Midway through the demo, there was a forbidden temple with over 500 statues with that same detail level as the ones you see outside. The demo ran on Unreal Engine’s new Chaos Physics Systems. Towards the end of the demo, there was an incredible set piece moment where the character was gliding across like a superhero to get to a portal. This Unreal Engine 5 Demo ran at 1440p 30fps on the PS5. Devs will utilize the PS5 in whatever way they see fit to achieve what they envision.

Epic also talked about scalability with other devices. They also mentioned that a new version of Fortnite will be developed with Unreal Engine 5.

Although it wasn’t an actual game, the demo gave us a clear indication on what to expect from the PlayStation 5 when it launches this holiday.

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