Resident Evil 3 – Review

1999 was great time to be a survival horror fan. With many iconic titles on the original PlayStation, the Resident Evil franchise stood out the most to me. It took the survival horror genre to new heights with its epic storytelling and amazing visuals. When it comes to the RE series, there was one game I kept playing constantly. Yep! you guessed it, it was Resident Evil 3. I was hoping to see a ground up remake for RE3 and with the success of RE2 in 2019, it was inevitable.

Resident Evil 3’s plot takes place before and after the events of Resident Evil 2. A massive zombie outbreak occurs in Raccoon City from the deadly T-virus and chances of surviving are becoming slim. You play as Jill Valentine as she makes her return from the original Resident Evil. Jill gets an unexpected visit and gets attacked by a new bioweapon unleashed by Umbrella Corp. This intimidating creature is known as Nemesis. His main objective is to terminate every remaining member of S.T.A.R.S. If you thought Mr X was scary then you haven’t seen anything yet. Nemesis would chase you halfway down the street. Not only does he break through walls, he also has a rocket launcher and flamethrower attached. As you struggle to escape wrath of Nemesis, you’ll meet Carlos Oliveira, a mercenary from the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service. Carlos would guide you and play a major role in your escape. Capcom made a few changes to the plot but I think it was for the best. Think of this as a reimagining with the majority of the core story still intact.

If you played Resident Evil 2 (2019) then you’ll pretty much feel familiar with the gameplay of RE3. The game still has a third person, over the shoulder camera with the same control layout. Inventory is easy to access and the dodge button comes in very handy as you encounter many zombies including Nemesis himself. You’ll have many moments of anxiety when Nemesis randomly appears. From the backstreets of Raccoon City to the underground sewage, there’s no escape. You’ll encounter many enemy types from a zombie to a hunter B/Y. You’ll even come across spiders and many other creatures.

The old skool typewriter save spots can be used whenever you find a safe room or a random spot. Depending on how you wanna run through the game, resource management is key.

There’s many different puzzles to solve. Some may require you to use your initiative. Pouches can be found to expand your inventory and weapons can be stored to build up your arsenal. You can choose the play style that suits you. I beat my first playthrough in just over three hours. You’ll be ranked for each playthrough and receive points that can you spend In RE3’s in-game store.

Resident Evil 3 continues the trend of blockbuster visuals. Raccoon city is atmospheric as ever. Destroyed beauty is what comes to mind when I think about the visuals. Character models are just as detailed and photo realistic as you remember from Resident Evil 2. Fire effects, smoke, and materials look fantastic. Best of all – the game targets 60 FPS at a upscaled 4k resolution on PS4 Pro. This is a wonderful package.

The soundtrack doesn’t disappoint. The music really adds layers when it comes to suspense and anxiety. It builds up anticipation on the next Nemesis attack. I really appreciate the sound of the weapons as it’s satisfying to hear. I wasted clips and ammo of many weapons because of my obsession with the sound. I would highly recommend you play this game with a gaming headset.

Overall, RE3 had a solid campaign with many things added. Some parts of the story were slightly changed but it didn’t take away the nostalgia. RE3 has breathtaking visuals and the motion capture is second to none. It was an action packed experience from start to finish and there’s hardly a dull moment. There’s so much to unlock and many easter eggs to uncover. RE3 is a must have for any survival horror fan out there.

A Review code was provided by Capcom UK

Developer: Capcom  / Publisher: Capcom  
Release date: 03/04/2020
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4 Pro


RE3 has breathtaking visuals and the motion capture was second to none.

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