Doom Eternal – Review

Game developers like id Software and names like John Carmack and John Romero are legends in the video game industry. Founded in 1991, they released Wolfenstein 3D in 1992 which is considered to be the first true First Person Shooter (FPS). A year later at the end of 1993, they published Doom. Doom became a hit for id Software and helped build the popularity of the genre. Skip ahead to 2016- id Software rebooted Doom, winning numerous awards and many fans over.

Doom Eternal is the sequel to id Software’s 2016 Doom reboot, it was first announced at E3 2018 and the first footage was shown at Quakecon 2018.

The Story

Doom Eternal is set eight months after Doom (2016), around 60% of the Earth has been conquered by a demonic invasion. With the failure of the military to repel the enemy, it is up to you the Doom Slayer to turn the tides and take the battle to them. The games spans over 13 missions and has you fight on Earth, Phobos (one of the moons of Mars), Mars, Hell and even Heaven! A first for the Doom series.


There are some FPS where it is all about taking a strategic position with a sniper rife and taking your enemies out from a safe distance. Doom is different, it is fast and frantic. To survive in Doom is all about aggressively going after your enemies. It is common to be in situation with no health and the only way to survive is to carry out a glory kill to extract health. This makes the game one hell of an adrenaline rush as you are plunge into battle knowing you could die at any moment.

Gameplay takes advantage of the 60fps, so it is fast paced and fast moving, if you stop for too long you are going to die. Ammunition is always is short supply, so when you enter a new area, it is about instinctively knowing whom to target first and like a lion pouncing upon one enemy and then other.

The enemies you face Doom Eternal are both new and old. You face Zombies, Imps, Arachnotron and Hell Knights from the previous Doom and new enemies including the Gargoyle and the Carcass. The enemies are aggressive so the key to success is experimenting with weapons and tactics.

Doom is known for its weapons and Doom Eternal is no different. There is the Doomblade for glory kills, shotguns, canons, plasma rifles, rocket launchers, the BFG (!!!) as well as the crucible. Weapons can also be upgraded with most weapons having two different modifications. In addition to weapons there are abilities and equipment to aid you on your journey. My personal favourite is the shotgun, there is something specials shotgun in the Doom/Quake games.

Doom Eternal is not an easy game, fortunately there are different levels of difficulties which can be changed at any time. If the game is too easy, notch it up a level, if an area is too tough notch it down a level, the choice is yours.


The game is the first to be developed using the inhouse id Tech 7 engine. On the Xbox One and PS4 base models the game runs at 1080p @60 FPS, with the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro up-sampling to 4K @60fps.

On PC to run ultra-nightmare setting (2160p @ 60fp or 1440 @ 120fps) you need an i9-9900K or AMD Ryzen 7 3700 X or better with a Nvida RTX 2080 TI (11Gb) or Radeon V11 (16Gb).

The graphics are atmospheric, detailed and have an underlining feeling of fear and dread. The environments are beautiful to marvel at and run silkily smooth.


Mike Gordon also returns as the lead composer for Doom Eternal. The game features music from Tony Campost of Static-X, Sven de Caluwé of Aborted, James Dorton of Black Crown Initiate and Nature Ganganbaugal of Tengger Cavalry. The music is dark and heavy and a perfect accompaniment to the game’s setting. The music is punctuated by the sounds of gunfire and the shrill of those you kill. If you have a good pair of headphones or a good sound system you will definitely be in for a treat.

Final Verdict

I have been a fan of Doom since playing it on the PC in the 1990s, so I was really excited to get my hands on Doom Eternal. And the big question does it deliver? The story is basic, but Doom is not known for its detailed and intricate storyline. What it does well, it takes the best of the Doom (2006) and builds in every area. The weapons are even more meaty, and the weapons are varied so you look forward to discover a new weapon to add to your arsenal. The AI of enemies (especially on more difficult settings) make them no push over, and when you die, you want to get back into the game, and try one more time.

The most important thing is the game fun to play? Id Software know how to build fun games, they never take themselves too serious. Doing a glory kill on a Gargoyle will make you smile, taking out multiple enemies with rocket launcher is really satisfying. And that is what games should be about, having fun.

The only negative thing I will say is that the platform elements add variety to the game but could be improved.

Doom Eternal with its 13 missions can take between 14 – 20 hours to complete, and there are plans for two single player campaign expansions. Added to that is multiplayer, which unfortunately could not be reviewed at this time, there is plenty of content to keep you busy.

Overall I think Doom Eternal is the definitive FPS of 2020. It is going to really tough for any FPS to beat the sheer intensity of the gameplay and have so much fun you have while playing. For those who love a FPS, they should definitely go out and buy Doom Eternal. And those who don’t should still give the game a go.

A Review copy was provided by Bethesda Softworks

Developer: id Software  / Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Release date: 20/03/2020
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC

Version Reviewed: Playstation 4 Pro

Doom Eternal the definitive first person shooter of 2020

If you are looking for the A class FPS look no further than Doom Eternal. The weapons, the music, the enemies, level design come together to create an unforgettable experience.


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