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Granblue Fantasy: Versus Set To Launch March 27, Physical Premium Edition Cancelled

Today, Marvelous Europe finally reveal a launch date for Granblue Fantasy: Versus from Arc System works. The anime fighter will launch March 27, 2020 on PlayStation for both European and Australian regions

Marvelous Europe also confirmed that the physical Premium Edition will be cancelled due to time constraints and production delays. The Marvelous PR Manager stated the following:

“In order to ensure a timely release of Granblue Fantasy: Versus we have made the difficult decision to cancel the physical Premium Edition.”explains Scott Emsen, PR & Community Manager at Marvelous Europe Limited “The reason for this cancellation is due to ongoing time constraints and production issues with the physical Premium Edition.”

“We know that a lot of Granblue Fantasy fans are eager for this physical Premium Edition and, as fans ourselves, it is with deep regret that we will not be able to produce this edition for Europe. We would like to apologise to those affected and we thank you for your continued support with Granblue Fantasy: Versus.”

You can check out the release date announcement trailer below


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