Sony Are Sending Out Surveys On Possible New Features For Remote Play

Sony Interactive Entertainment are sending out surveys on new features and devices. They also want to know if you’d like to use their Remote play feature on other devices like the Nintendo Switch or Apple TV. The most interesting part of the survey was the question on having the ability to use Remote Play offline and releasing a slim Dualshock controller for portable gaming. Here’s a full list of features mentioned on the survey.

  • Using Remote Play with a PS4 not connected to the Internet.
  • Playing Remote Play on a Nintendo Switch, Apple TV, Android TV.
  • Hiding unused controls for the game to allow for more screen real estate.
  • A slim/portable DualShock controller for portable gaming.
  • Exclusive maps/accessories for Remote Play.
  • Customizable button layout.
  • Connecting other controllers (Xbox) and mouse/keyboard.
  • Offline Remote Play.
  • PS1 and PS2 games.

It seems that Sony want to expand Remote Play to a wider audience and make easier access on many new devices. Currently, Remote Play is available on the PS Vita, Android and iOS devices. It’ll be interesting to see what Sony add to this underrated feature.


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