PlayStation Players Can Now Share Their Game And Trophy Stats For 2019

2019 has been another strong year for PlayStation and they’re not slowing down anytime soon. From strong first party games from Days Gone to Death Stranding to sleeper hits like Concrete Genie. Sony also brought some PS1 nostalgia with a ground up remake of MediEvil.

Sony Interactive Entertainment are now giving you the ability to check your 2019 stats. This includes the amount of games you’ve played, time spent, game that you’ve spent the most time playing and how many trophies you got  for the entire year.

In addition, you also get your title for 2019. I got Action Hero. You’ll then get awarded a PSN avatar and theme which you can redeem. You can also share your accomplishment using the hashtag #MyPSYear2019 on social media. You can check out your 2019 PlayStation stats by clicking here

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