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A New Alienware UFO PC Portable Revealed At CES 2020

During today’s CES 2020 event, Dell unveiled an Alienware branded portable hybrid. The device operates as a gaming PC with tablet features but it’s mainly designed for gaming on the go!. The device is currently known as the Alienware UFO Concept.

As we mentioned earlier, the Alienware UFO operates as a PC and it runs the full desktop version of Windows 10. This Device will give you access to Windows 10 and your Steam library. There’s so much potential with a device like the UFO in the market as the possibilities are endless.

Currently, we don’t have much information as far as the specs go but we can confirm that the screen is 8 inches and has 1200p display. The device has a Switch style Joy con controller that can be attached to another device they call the bridge for a console experience. The device itself has a sleek design with a comfortable grip.

Dell haven’t confirmed a price or a launch window but the company are willing to take feedback and suggestions on specs and price on their social media.

Dell have confirmed a live broadcast tomorrow of the official unveiling for the Alienware UFO Concept on Dell’s website. The livestream starts at 10am PST.

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