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Control (PS4) – Review

At it’s core, Control is an action adventure supernatural thriller oozing in mystery. Developed by Remedy Entertainment, Control is a new IP set in a parallel universe. Remedy are known for games such as Max Payne and Alan Wake. They’re also known as the first developer to implement the bullet-time mechanic in a video game.

Remedy have been absent from the PlayStation platform for 16 years so this is pretty much a homecoming for the Finnish developer. PlayStation players will finally get to try a Remedy experience since Max Payne 2 so with great pleasure, here’s my review of Control on PlayStation 4.

You’ll play the game as Jesse Faden, the main protagonist and new Director of the Federal Bureau of Control. She has a dark secret and seeks answers as she searches for her brother Dylan. Along the way, you’ll meet many NPC characters that help you find the answers you seek. Without giving any spoilers, the game starts off slow but picks up pace after 40 minutes. Control’s sci fi tone really draws you in as you wanna unravel the mysteries and origins of the hiss. The hiss are the main enemies you’ll fight throughout the game and they come in different forms.

Control’s Gameplay is the real star of the show. As you progress further into the story, the Gameplay evolves when you unlock your powers and abilities. The abilities alone make you feel like a character from Marvel’s X-Men. Your telekinesis launch ability works great on large sized enemies. The evade ability does wonders when things get overwhelming and your shield ability can really protect you from enemy fire. Once you unlock the levitate ability, you can hover across the areas of the map and discover new locations. Although you get unlimited powers, there is a cool down system to fully balance the game. Constant movement is always required to stay alive. The further you get, Control can get fairly difficult. The hise become stronger and more aggressive.

Players will only get one weapon in the game but don’t let that statement fool you. The service weapon you receive can be modded in to something that can be considered a magnum or a semi automatic. There’s many different mods you can attach to give your service weapon a different feel.

Personal mods are pretty much perks that can strengthen and give your abilities a boost. You can find these mods throughout the game. Control has 10 main chapters and additional side missions which can played before or during post game. Board countermeasures are basically bounties. Once completed, you’ll receive a random reward. This can be a common or rare material for your upgrades. The Bureau alert missions also add replay value to Control. The Control points are basically your checkpoints where you can upgrade yourself. Each of these Control points can be used to fast travel on every floor of the Bureau. Unfortunately there’s no new game plus but you can replay the story missions on the main menu.

The visuals look excellent in Control. Built with Remedy’s northlight engine, Remedy have crafted a world that’s intriguing and atmospheric. The destructible environments really adds that wow! factor and the lip syncing looked superb. The one gripe I have is the lack of detail on certain NPC characters as they’re not as detailed as the main character.  The game does have a weird and creepy sense whenever you go through a certain door and enter a different dimension. The enemy designs look great and fit well in this world Remedy created.

Control has a great soundtrack, it does an excellent job alerting you whenever the hiss are about to attack. The game also has an 80s style Rock theme I thoroughly enjoyed. The sound effects were amazing and the sound of the concrete blocks being smashed on the enemy is satisfying.

Control inherits that Playstation DNA akin to Sony’s very own 1st party studios. Stylish presentation, an emphasis on story telling, world building galore, and fidelity to melt your eyes – Control is a mighty fine addition to anyone’s collection. Go check it out now!. It’s Remedy’s best game to date.

A review code was provided by 505 games to review

Developer: Remedy   / Publisher: 505 Games
Release date: 27/08/2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4


“Control inherits that Playstation DNA akin to Sony’s very own 1st party studios. Stylish presentation, an emphasis on story telling, world building galore, and fidelity to melt your eyes”

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