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Vasara Collection – Review (PS Vita)

The Vasara Collection is a bullet hell shoot em up produced by Brazilian studio QUByte Interactive. Originally released by Visco Games in the early 2000’s, the game never saw a western release until now. Today, I’ll be reviewing the PS Vita version of the Vasara Collection.

Vasara is set in feudal Japan in an alternate version of 1600 AD. Ieyasu Tokugawa is planning to seize control of the land and it’s up to the three shadows to stop him. The game’s story is pretty easy to follow. The main aim is to get through a number of levels until the final showdown. As you play through each level, you’ll be fighting a warlord before completing the stage. The game itself is very challenging and punishing. Getting use to the patterns of each enemy will take time. There’s also a menu with toggle switches to make the game a little easiler. You can set the games difficulty from hard to easy and switch from coin play to free play which gives you infinite continues. You can increase your bomb stock from three to five and increase your life count up to five. You can also play Vasara in co op on a separate Vita with a friend.

Playing the Vasara collection on the PS Vita was highly satisfying. The portability aspects really make the experience worthwhile. You can also rotate your PS vita and play the game in Vertical (Tate) mode to take advantage of the beautiful OLED screen of the Vita. The gameplay is addictive and does a good job testing your skill and muscle memory. Since it’s a bullet hell shmup, the screen will be covered with enemy fire. The button layout is pretty basic like most shumps. You have your standard rapid fire button where you’re continuously firing, a panic bomb where you can wipe out every enemy on screen and burst fire. Each shadow have their pros and cons. While some can produce impressive fire power, they can also be slow. You can check their stats on speed or power before selecting. In Vasara 2, the bomb button is replaced with a mele attack.

The most impressive thing about the Vita version of the Vasara collection is that it runs in 60fps without any hiccups. The graphics look superb on the Vita with it’s retro sprites and colourful backgrounds. The oriental soundtrack is presented is very well and would remind you of the classic Samurai Aces from the 90s.

overall, the Vasara Collection is a fun game you can enjoy in short busts. Rotating the Vita and playing it in tate mode is the recommended way for retro purists out there. The levels are challenging and the soundtrack suits the overall tone. For less than £10 GBP, the game is definitely worth trying. The Vasara Collection is the best shmup available on the Vita period.

A review code was provided by QUByte Interactive to review

Developer: QUByte Studio / Publisher: QUByte Interactive
Release date: 13/08/2019

Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation VITA, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch 

Version Reviewed: PlayStation Vita



“Playing the Vasara collection on the PS Vita was highly satisfying. The portability aspects really make the experience worthwhile“

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