SEGA Reveal Their Gamescom 2019 Line-Up With An Unannounced AAA Title

Today, SEGA Europe have revealed their Gamescom 2019 line-up. Sega will showcase their upcoming titles, such as Catherine: Full Body and Two Point Hospital. SEGA will also have their newly announced Mega Drive mini which will be available to play in Hall 9.1, C015 at the Koch Media Stand. Lastly, SEGA also announced that they’re revealing a new AAA game at the Gamescom Opening live night

Heres an overview on SEGA’s Gamescom 2019 line-up.

  • SEGA/ATLUS will showcase the beautifully remastered update of the cult classic RPG/puzzle game, Catherine: Full Body – Launches 3 September 2019. Players will get the chance to try the demo which contains cutscenes that provide context to the title’s complex and nuanced narrative. Plus, there will be a playable segment from early in the game, which showcases several gameplay features; such as a variety of puzzles, character interaction/development and more.


  • Sharing the spotlight is the critically acclaimed Two Point Hospital on PS4, Xbox One and Switch, developed by Two Point Studios. It’s the ultimate management sim where you play the role of hospital administrator who must build, cure, and improve in an ever-changing and atypical healthcare environment. Visitors to the stand will be the first in the world to experience Two Point Hospital on consoles by completing the first chapter.


  • Are you ready for a blast from the past? The long-awaited SEGA Mega Drive Mini, coming to stores 4 October 2019 in Europe, will be available to visitors of the stand and all 42 games will be playable using a GIANT, fully functioning SEGA Mega Drive controller! The nostalgic console includes some of the most popular games released by SEGA including the much-loved Sonic The Hedgehog and the iconic Streets of Rage series. Other glorious titles included in the SEGA Mega Drive Mini include Darius, Road Rash II, Virtua Fighter 2, Ghouls and Ghosts, Strider, Kid Chameleon, and many more.

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