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Kill La Kill IF is an arena fighting game based off the anime. Developed by A+ Games, the game was also supervised by Trigger, the creators of the anime series. The game is available on the Nintendo Switch and PC but I’ll be reviewing the PS4 version of the game as the experience may differ on other platforms.

The story mode starts off midway through season 1 as you’ll play from the perspective of Satsuki. Most of the key events are from the anime but it also creates an alternate story further towards the end that changes the story from the anime when it comes to the script and dialogue. The story will take a few hours to beat with many fights and cut scenes in the process. Once you beat the story, you unlock another chapter from the perspective of Ryuko. The game does the great job re-creating key moments from the anime. In order to appreciate the games story mode, you’re better off watching the anime first. The story mode would take between 5-7 hours to complete with both characters.

The gameplay doesn’t feel like a typical arena fighter. The fighting mechanics feel a lot more unique and stylish. The button layout is simple, you have your regular quick dash, attack, jump and a button for using projectiles. The game doesn’t feel like a typical button masher as it does take a bit skill to pull off combos and special attacks. The game only has 10 characters to choose from but there’s 2 additional DLC characters that will join the roster. Playing with every one of the characters felt different and didn’t feel like a carbon copy of each other. The most interesting aspect of the game is once you fill your meter during battle and press both triggers, you’ll enter bloody valor. Bloody valor is a rock, paper and scissors mini game that can help you gain health, additional damage to your opponent, or increase your SP gauge. Win the mini game 3 times then you’ll finish your opponent with a killer move that will end the fight immediately.

Each character have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some are a little superior when it comes to aerial moves while others have the upper hand from a distance.

Kill La Kill IF can also be enjoyed locally and online. Free battle allows players to play 1v1 battles against AI or a friend with a second controller. Player match gives you a chance to play exhibition matches online while Rank is designed mainly for competitive players. My online experience was pretty exceptional as I didn’t have any issues finding matches. While playing ranked matches for 5 hours straight, I was only disconnected once.

There’s plenty of content for those who prefer offline play. Survival challenge allows you to play 1v1 battles against AI so you can start a winning streak. Covers challenge adds replay value to the game. Endless extermination allows players to fight waves of opponents until they can no longer carry on. One min Extermination would challenge the player to beat as many covers as possible within a minute. Time can be extended depending on how you perform. 100-unit extermination is a great way to practice fighting covers. It’s more of a warm up compared to the other 2 challenges.

The game has basic training and tutorial modes that can help you learn the basic controls. You can also practice your combos using various settings on the menu.

A+ Games has delivered a game with amazing cell-shaded graphics and colourful stages. The character design stay faithful to the anime. The striking visuals also comes with a smooth 60 fps gameplay experience. The visuals are comparable to games such as Blazblue and Guilty Gear XRD.

The voice acting is top notch in Japanese. The Game delivers English VO which is superb also.

Overall, Kill La Kill IF delivers a unique experience when it comes to arena fighters. The flashy combat and stylish visuals really makes the game appealing. There’s enough content to keep you engaged Whether you like single player, or the multiplayer portion of the game. I’d highly recommend that you watch season 1 of the anime before playing the story mode. Other than that, you’re in for a treat.

A review code was provided by PQube games to review

Developer: A+ Games  / Publisher  PQube Games
Release date: 26/07/2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4


“Kill La Kill IF delivers a unique experience when it comes to arena fighters. The flashy combat and stylish visuals really makes the game appealing”

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