Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle – Review

Attack On Titan 2: Final Battle is love letter to fans of the anime. Omega Force have managed to deliver the ultimate package. AOT: Final Battle is an expansion to a game that’s already packed full of content. I reviewed the base game on the Nintendo Switch last year but playing AOT 2 on the PS4 is a whole different experience worth talking about.

Players will get enjoy the base game with stories from the first two seasons of the anime. You can customize the look of your character from gender, to hair and clothing. There’s plenty of options to play around with on the character creation menu. The story stays true to the anime and respects the source material in every way possible. Although your character doesn’t have any dialogue, you can enjoy the story mode narrative from a whole new perspective.

Character episode mode will allow you to play through season 3 of the anime, from the point of view of the main anime characters. Some of the cut scenes in the character episode mode weren’t fully animated. Instead, there were static images that follows the story in a visual novel style. That’s not to say that the mode doesn’t have any animated cut scenes. The game treats us with plenty of those during key moments of the story. Society has changed, a new ruler takes the throne and humanity turn on each other. You’ll get a great insight as you play through the scout and the 104th cadets stories on what happen after playing the base game. Fans favourites like Mikasa, Eren and Conny are all there. The base game allows you to unlock all the characters by completing certain side missions from the main story. You’ll get to interact with them as well as taking them on scout missions.

The game has a friendship system where you get to level up their stats and skills. You can also buy the characters gifts to level up your friendship. The interaction between your created character and the cast of the series is a great addition.

The combat felt a lot different compared to the base game. It felt over the top sometimes like Dragon Ball Z. The aerial combat felt more addictive and satisfying than ever. The expansion also features new weapon and firearms. The gameplay felt smooth on PS4 since it runs at 60fps for the most part. Omega Force did a great job with accessibility for those who may find the game difficult. Locking on to your target is pretty simple. The game also has an inferno mode for those who prefer a challenge. Trying to get the platinum trophy may take a while since there’s a lot of grinding that’s required.

As far as features go, all the other modes from the base game is fully intact. Another mode allows players to play cooperatively online. You’ll get to take on many challenging missions with a friend or a random player online. The co-op missions bring a whole new experience. A feature like this would’ve been great for the main story itself. Territory recovery mode is basically like a quest mode where create your own regiment and lead them to glory by reclaiming lost territory.

The visuals look absolutely stunning on AOT 2 as a whole. Character designs were faithful to the series. I played the switch version of the base game and I can tell you that the difference between PS4 and switch is night and day. The game has 4K mode on PS4 pro as a bonus.

Overall, AOT 2 : Final Battle is the ultimate package that covers key points from all three seasons of the show. My only gripe would be that the majority of the base game covers season 1 which was already covered from the original game back in 2016. The game gives us great insight to the lore and story arc and does a wonderful job explaining the core aspects. I recommend this game to anyone who’s a fan of anime and high flying action.

A review code was provided by Koei Tecmo Europe.

Developer: Omega Force   / Publisher: Koei Tecmo Europe
Release date: 05/07/2019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4 Pro


“AOT 2: Final Battle gives us great insight to the lore and doe’s wonderful job explaining the core aspects beyond the wall”

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