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Team Sonic Racing – Review

Sonic and All-Stars Racing and it’s sequel Transformed holds a very special place in my heart. From playing splitscreen countless times with my young son to drifting around the wonderful Sega locations; it brings in awe of the many details and little nods from the Sega IP I’ve played during my childhood in the arcades.

In a genre dominated by Mario and friends it was a real breath of fresh air to finally have a Sega themed fan service, all wrapped up in an easy to pick up, hard to master karting game. And while I have been calling for All-Stars 3 on Social Media for most of the current generation, it’s not what Sega quite had in mind. Instead, the All-Stars have taken a back seat in favour of just a Sonic themed karting game. This is Remoteplay’s review of Team Sonic Racing.

Team Sonic Racing is a simple enough concept,  you pick a character which then decides your team and you hit the tracks for domination over your rivals. What Team Sonic Racing does differently is it makes you rely on your two team mates to win a race, it isn’t just about finishing 1st. You have to swap power-up items, help team mates behind you by offering a boost in a slipstream, and eventually building up your super move.

While I feel this adds a new dynamic to the gameplay, I do feel that this part of the game feels under developed and maybe a little to simplistic for it’s own good, especially since the name of the game is TEAM racing. I just found myself racing solo most of the time and only offering items that I didn’t want to team mates. The AI was more than capable enough of keeping up with me to make sure we won races so I had very little to be concerned about.

Another thing that I feel is a letdown is that some of the All-Stars characters and locations are missing. When I heard that this was just based on Sonic, I’ll admit I was worried, and low and behold, my gut feelings were right. If you’ve played the previous games then you’ll know you had track racing, flying and water based vehicles with a much bigger roaster of tracks and characters. I know I keep harping back to it but this is a niggling thought I had while playing.

I would like to point out that this game has alot of other things going for it, positive things! There’s alot to like here. The game modes are plentiful, splitscreen is back for couch co-op or rivalries. Adventure mode takes you through 7 chapters, challenges, grand prix mode and of course online multiplayer. There is enough content here to keep anyone coming back for more to try and to shave a millisecond off their best time trial lap.

Graphically, Sumo Digital Nottingham have done themselves proud here. Locactions come alive with colour and vibrancy, tracks have little details which is pleasing to the eye and it all runs at a blistering 60 frames per second. You’ll find yourselves doing loops, and bouncing off ballons in these lush environments.

Gameplay is simplistic in it’s approach, you drift around corners building up boost, you collect power ups dotted around the course to unleash on your opponents and race as a team to the finish line. The difficulty in this game comes from the many challenges you are asked to accomplish like dodging traffic or drifting through gates. It’s a nice mix and gives variety to the standard racing gameplay.

The question I’m left with here is should I reccomend Team Sonic Racing? And the answer is absolutely yes! The game offers countless hours of fun, offline or on, simplistic Teamplay and beautiful visuals and music. For the price Sega are asking for Team Sonic Racing,  you’re handed a very generous amount of content here. And I haven’t even mentioned all the customization options to vehicles. I want you to discover locations and characters yourself so I won’t mention them here.

Sonic Team Racing is a fun, stylish, content packed game, with countless hours of family fun. While it falls short of the the All-Stars games and Mario Kart 8, don’t let that put you off.  Sumo Digital and Sonic Team have crafted a fantastic kart racing game here and I personally hope it’s one of many more to come.

A review code was provided by SEGA EUROPE 

Developer: Sumo Digital  / Publisher: SEGA Europe
Release date: 21/05/2019
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC

Version Reviewed: PlayStation 4 Pro

A Gem

“Sonic Team Racing is a fun, stylish, content packed game, with countless hours of family fun”


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