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A plague Tale: Innocence – Review

A plague Tale: Innocence is a narrative driven poetic adventure developed by Asobo Studio. The studio is based in Bordeaux, France and are mainly known for their Disney/Pixar video game tie-ins. Publishers have mainly outsourced their IP to Asopbo Studio. The studio have now created a new IP with their own signature.

A plague Tale takes you on a memorable journey of two siblings, Amicia and her younger brother Hugo. The game starts off in a beautiful forest where Amicia is being trained by her father on how to use the slingshot. Moments later, she’s then hunting an Animal with her father. The game then takes a major turn with a heartbreaking tragedy which forces the siblings to abort their kingdom. They’re on the run from the Inquisition, who are the bad guys that caused the massacre in their town.

The Inquisition were given a task to capture Hugo. The world then becomes dark and gritty and the game gives you a reason to care for the characters and plot. The game is based in 1348 France, during the events of the hundred years war and the Black Plague. The game doe’s a great job mixing historical fact with fiction. During your playthough, you’ll meet many allies who help you through your journey to insure your survival. Hugo suffers from an illness that many consider a gift and a curse. Amicia’s main objective to to keep Hugo safe and find a cure. The pacing of the story just felt right and I didn’t come across any dull moments.

The gameplay revolves around stealth and puzzles. You’ll have to sneak pass enemies and sometimes fight them head on. Amicia mainly has to rely on her slingshot which can prove to be deadly if you get your aim right. Players will have to gather materials to ether craft ammunition, or upgrade the slingshot. Teamwork plays a vital part as you’ll have to give instructions to little Hugo or an ally you meet. Whether it’s squeezing through tight areas to open door or giving Hugo a boost, the game teaches you to work as a team if you wanna overcome many obstacles ahead. A Plague Tale truly has a unique gameplay design that adds variety to the overall experience.

The rats also play an important part of the gameplay. Sometimes, you may have think 3 moves ahead if you wanna overcome the swarm of rats. A burning torch is required in certain situations if you wanna get pass the rats since they’re afraid of the light. You’ll the receive super natural powers that will change the gameplay for reasons I’m not gonna mention. Overall, the gameplay was superb and didn’t feel repetitive.

The visuals in A Plague Tale looked absolutely incredible. Asobo Studio hit it out the park with the environments. Some of the weather effects made the game feel atmospheric. Lighting and shadows also gave the game a realistic look. The devs went the extra mile with the detailed character models. The one thing that stood out were the animations. I didn’t encounter any bugs and glitches which clearly shows a sign of a quality product.

The soundtrack in A Plague Tale really suits the tone of the game. The music allowed the game to feel intense and suspenseful. The voice acting was superb and I really appreciate the lip syncing during the cinematics.

Overall, A plague Tale: Innocence was amazing experience all round with a powerful story. To put it bluntly, this could be confused for something designed by Sony’s first party with the likes of Naughty Dog or Sony Santa Monica. Yes. It’s that good. The game took me just under 15 hours to beat and it didn’t overstay it’s welcome. The story  was an emotional rollercoaster that gave me a reason to carry on playing until I saw the credits roll. A Plague Tale: Innocence is the broadway theatre of video games. Must buy.

A review code was provided by Focus Home Interactive 

Developer: Asobo Studio  / Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release date: 14/05/2019
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and PC

Version Reviewed: Xbox One X



“A plague Tale: Innocence was amazing experience all round with a powerful story”


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