SEGA Mega Drive Mini Launches Worldwide This September With 40 Games

During today’s SEGAFES livestream that took place in Tokyo, SEGA have announced the launch date for the SEGA Mega Drive Mini. The classic mini console will launch on September 19th 2019 worldwide with 40 games. Each region will also have a different selection. SEGA have confirmed the following games so far on the image below for the Japanese release.

In addition, The SEGA Mega Drive Mini emulation will be done by M2 with menu music composed by Yuzo Koshiro. The Mini console will be priced at ¥6890 ($70 with 1 controller) and ¥8980 yen ( with 2 controllers). Thankful this console will be made in-house instead of AT games. The Mega Drive Mini will also come with the six button controller instead of the three and will be powered via USB. The console itself will also have an HDMI port.


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