PlayStation 4 System Update 6.50 Adds Remote Play For iOS Devices

The staff at Remote Play are delighted to hear that the Sony PlayStation latest system update includes an update to Remote Play (pun intended).

Sony now support Remote Play on iOS. Yes you can use iPhone or iPad to connect to your PS4 and control the PS4 menus and even play games via your device. Your iPhone or iPad will need to run at least iOS 12.1 or later for it to work. Wifi internet is also required to make use of Remote play on your iOS device.

Other updates includes the option to choose 720p when broadcasting using Niconico Live, this service is only available in certain countries and regions, and you can map the ‘enter’ operation from the Circle button to the X button. This can be found in Settings -> System and select the checkbox for ‘Use X Button for Enter’.

You can download the PS4 Remote Play app from the iOS App Store here. 


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