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Dead Or Alive 6 – Review

Dead or Alive is a fighting game franchise that I consider a staple of my fighting game foundation. Developed by Team Ninja, Dead or Alive is a series that stood for it’s high quality 3d models, accessible gameplay, and the icon himself – Ryu Hayabusa in a fighting game.

The series spawned multiple sequels and off shoots. It remains a personal favorite since the PS1 with follow ups on the Dreamcast and Xbox all being quite special to me. 2019 ushers in, the next step forward. Today we are here to talk about Dead or Alive 6.

Starting from the main menu, the game is packed with content. Dead Or Alive 6 has a full blown cinematic story mode that caters to those who prefer single player content. DOA Quest is another cool addition. By completing each quest, you’re rewarded with in-game currency and costume pattern parts. Each new costume requires a set amount of parts before you can purchase it at the wardrobe. DOA Quest gives players 96 mini objectives. As a completionist, I found this mode highly addictive. The missions requires you to pull off certain attacks and win the overall battle.

The game offers the regular versus and a traditional arcade modes alongside a time attack and survival. Under training, players will still have an option to learn their moves through tutorial and combo challenge. I’ve played a high number of matches online and during that time, My game wasn’t disconnected. The netcode was surprisingly good. It’s a huge improvement from DOA5’s netcode. Even at 1 or 2 bars, the online matches felt pretty solid for the most part but you’ll notice a few minor hiccups depending on your bars.

By default, DOA 6 has 24 characters with additional characters to be added through DLC. The character roster offers quite a diverse set of fighting styles. The game also has 14 stages with unforgettable and Chinese festival being a few of my favourites.

The fighting mechanics feels deeper and more balanced than previous iterations. Team Ninja has done a great job making this game accessible for newcomers. Just like the previous games, DOA 6 has muti tier levels with destructible elements. Using the interactive environments make the fights look like a well choreographed scene from a Kung-fu movie. There’s nothing more satisfying than landing a powerful strike and seeing your opponent taking a massive fall.

The game has a rock, paper and scissors element that focuses on predicting, or baiting your opponent. Filling up your gauge meter the performing a fatal rush can also cause maximum damage.

Dead Or Alive 6 continues it’s trend in being a graphical showpiece. The soft engine is no longer being used as Team Ninja has created a whole new game engine. Many of the characters have also been redesigned from scratch. Although features like OMG mode is absent, the jiggle physics are fully intact and look realistic. The game does something i rarely see in fighting games – character damage during the fights. Characters have that anime esque 3D look and everything moves fluidly and dynamically. Slow motion moments also do a great job of highlighting the most intimate moments of the fights. All in all – it’s a visually spectacular affair – and one of the top tier in both fidelity and art. The DOA waifus look even more gorgeous and detailed. Hats off!

Overall, I enjoyed Dead Or Alive 6 with everything it has to offer. The game caters to its core audience as well as being approachable for newcomers. DOA Quest was a great addition and the animation and movement is fluid as ever. The new photo mode is also a welcoming feature that will allow players to appreciate the beauty of the game. For fighting fans, this is a must play.

A review copy was provided by Koei Tecmo Europe 

Developer: Team Ninja  / Publisher: Koei Tecmo
Release date: 01/03/2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC


“For fighting fans, this is a must play”

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