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Senran Kagura Bust Re:Newal – Review

The Senran Kagura busty ninjas are back. But this time, we go back to where it all began. Senran Kagura Bust Re:Newal is a ground-up remake of the original 3DS game released in 2011. Instead of it being a 2.5D beat em up like the original, it has 3D environments like the recent games. The game also has a great deal of fanservice and jiggly bits.

If Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal is your first game from the series then it’s the perfect place to start. Just like the original, Bust Re:Newal offers the same story beat and will be played through two separate campaigns. Players will get to play as the girls from the Hanzo and Hebijo Ninja Academy. Completing both campaigns took me around 9+ hours. The game will also feature DLC episodes involving Yumi and Miyabi’s relationship prior to meeting Asuka and Homura. The story was well written as you get to understand the relationships between all the girls from both Academies. At the beginning of each mission and post mission, you get treated with a cut scene from both perspectives.

The gameplay in Bust Re:Newal has been well refined relative to the previous games, the camera has been fixed and the combat is addictive as ever. You can unlock new techniques and discover different combos as you progress further. The layout of some of the stages would remind you of the Dynasty Warriors games.

The objective is pretty simple, you fight waves of enemies until you reach your goal. You can pull off a variation of moves from aerial moves to ground attacks. You can build your Gauge meter to activate burst mode. While in burst mode, your attacks become more powerful and you can eliminate a handful of enemies in one go. As well fighting a variety of enemies, you also get to battle the girls from both academies.  You can level up each of the girls as well as ranking up their proficiency.

Every girl in the game have their own fighting style and they get their own unique weapon. Once you complete both campaigns, you can also play the free missions that add longevity to the game. They’re pretty basic like the regular missions but you come across a hand full of secret bosses.

As you progress through the chapters, you’ll unlock many costumes and accessories to buy at the in game store. You’ll earn in-game currency to buy everything you have unlocked during the game. You can customize each of the girls to your own preferences as there are many sexy costumes and swim suits to choose from in the dressing room.

The graphics have been much updated compared to the original. The anime style visuals would remind you of the more recent Senran Kagura games on the PlayStation 4 and vita with slight improvements. The game is colourful and eye catching with all the jiggly physics. The character models look well polished but the textures on certain parts look more last gen. However, game runs at a buttery smooth 60fps with no hiccups. The sound is pretty good as there was nothing out of place. The J-pop soundtrack was catchy was enjoyable.

Overall, I found Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal enjoyable with an interesting story and it’s great gameplay design. It was addictive and it never felt like a chore. You can level up pretty fast and unlock the majority of the costumes with ease. I got the platinum trophy in just over 15 hours so it’s not that much of a grind. The game felt fresh whenever you tried a different character and that alone pulled me in until the very end.

A review code was provided by the PQube Games to review 

Developer: HONEY∞PARADE GAMES  / Publisher Marvelous Europe
Release date: 18/01/2019
Platforms: PlayStation 4 and PC


“The game felt fresh whenever you tried a different character and that alone pulled me in until the very end”

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