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Double Cross – Review

13AM Studios, the developers behind Runbow bring us their new platform adventure, Double Cross Dimensions. The game is a cross breed between Mega Man and Guacamelee.

In Double Cross, you get to play as Zara, a Rift agent of the multiverse who investigates crime and tracks down suspects between multiple dimensions. Zara works at the Rift headquarters. It’s a central hub where you get to interact with other Rift agents who help you during your journey. The headquarters is the bridge between many universes. Players will use a portal to travel from universe to universe to fight crime.

Double Cross combat is like Guacamelee, but it also has platforming which is similar to Mega Man. Once you start playing, you’ll feel right at home. The Game has its basic controls and you can also unlock new abilities whenever you find the upgradium stones that’s scattered across every stage. You’ll be using your Proton slinger often as you’ll be swinging your way through many obstacles. You can rebound off walls and roll through electricity.

The game isn’t as punishing like Mega Man but it can be a challenging at times. The game also features boss fights. The fights can be tricky at first but once you figure out the pattern, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. You can also collect yellow orbs once you kill an enemy so you can use it to regenerate your life bar. Zara can also collect substances and items from fallen enemies to use to pave a way through levels, for example, in the Gootopia universe, Zara can knock out slimy monsters and use their slime to jump, climb and slide through dangerous terrain.

Overall, the story is mainly told wherever you complete levels and interact with your fellow agents at Rift HQ. There’s no voice acting so you’re gonna have to read the text below. You can progress through the story by completing levels and gathering clues. The game starts off with masked villain named Suspect X infiltrating Rift HQ and it’s up to solve the clues and capture Suspect X and his allies. The story is pretty simple and straightforward if your read and follow the conversations.

Double Cross has beautiful hand drawn graphics. The anime art style make the overall game charming. The colours really pop and the backgrounds can look a little plain on some stages unfortunately. The animations look great and the framerate is smooth as butter. The character designs look great as it’s was inspired by Mega Man. Players will definitely get that old skool vibe from they start playing.

Double Cross was a fun and challenging platfomer that really captured the essence of retro gaming. The game had excellent platforming and the gameplay was fluid without any flaws. The hand drawn graphics made me appreciate the art direction and I really cherished my time with the game on Nintendo Switch on both portable and docked modes. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re a fan of Mega Man, Guacamelee or Rayman. Fans on the Nintendo Switch and PC are in for a treat.


“Double Cross was a fun and challenging platfomer that really captured the essence of retro gaming”


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