Hitman 2 – Review

If you’re going into Hitman 2 expecting a brand new experience you’re not going to get it. Think of this as a season 2 instead of a brand new game. This is Hitman in it’s classic form.

First things first, lets talk a little about the story. Carrying on after the events of 2016’s Hitman, Agent 47 finds himself hunting down a mysterious shadow client. Going from location to location in his search while taking down the lieutenants of the malitia, while also trying to discover events of his own past. While not diving to deep for spoiler reasons, the story plays out during cutsences before and after each mission. But who out there actually plays Hitman for the story?

Hitman 2 excels in its quality of gameplay and choice by giving you almost unlimited options to dispatch targets or non targets depending on your style, in a nice varied and generous amount of beautifully crafted and rather large enviroments like the jungle’s of Columbia or, your typical American neighbourhood. These keep things fresh and with multiple outcomes, multiple mini stories in each one and a living breathing sandbox. Players will find themselves playing them multiple times just to see everything the game has to offer.

At the end of each mission you will be timed, graded, earn XP and unlock various gadgets and bonus items. This is typical Hitman for seasoned players. Nothing new but the best Hitman has ever been. As for newcomers, the game has a well structured tutorial that will introduce you gently into the game teaching you all the things you need at your disposal. Hitman 2 can be as daunting or relaxed as you want it to be which makes it perfect for newcomers or seasoned Hitman players alike.

Hitman was never a one and done experience and this one is no exception. They are built to keep players engaged and experimenting with new ways to kill targets; and Hitman has never looked this beautiful so you’ll want to explore everything there is and soak up the incredible atmosphere IO have created.

On top of the story mode, you have a good selection of different modes to keep your inner assassin satisfied. Ghost mode is where you can compete against other gamers by racing each other to kill targets. Contract mode returns where you can create contracts for other players around the world, or play their contracts. And then the new but really cool sniper assassin mode, which can be played solo or online co-op. Hitman 2 will be updated frequently allowing players to have attempts at elusive targets aimed more at the hardcore Hitman gamers. Also, if you own Hitman 2016 you can play all their mission on Hitman 2 with updated graphics and tweaks which packs this game with even more content to play through.

Some fans might of been worried about this new game especially with the break up between developer and publisher, but rest assured IO have delivered one of the most polished and fun Hitman games to date.  Overall Hitman 2 delivers on the quality and quantity, giving players the Hitman experience that they expect and remember from earlier titles such as blood money. IO should be praised for moving away from the episodic Hitman and giving us a fully fledged Hitman game. For fans of the franchise this title is essential and for newcomers, it’s a good starting point that could entice you to go looking back at older titles. Pick it up and let your inner Serial killer self release into the world of the most ambitious Hitman game to date. Think deadly.

A review copy was provided by Warner Bros Games to review

Developer: IO Interactive / Publisher: Warner Bros Games
Release date: 13/11/2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Highly recommended!

“Hitman 2 excels in its quality of gameplay and choice by giving you almost unlimited options to dispatch targets or non targets depending on your style”


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