5 Games We Want To See At XO 2018

Microsoft’s XO is near and there’s plenty of rumours of studio acquisitions and exclusive signings. We’re not here to talk about that, instead we wanted to talk about the five games we’d like to see at XO 2018. Most of the games on this list may seem far fetched but we can still hope for the best. Realistically, we’ll be happy if we saw at least one game from our list at XO 2018.

1. Ninja Gaiden 4 

The Ninja Gaiden games was always known  for its amazing gameplay and high difficulty. The first 2 games from Tomonobu Itagaki were cult classics. Unfortunately Itagaki later departed from Team Ninja which left Ninja Gaiden 3 in question. Koei Tecmo released Ninja Gaiden 3 in 2012 and it wasn’t received so well from fans and critics alike. Since then Ryu Hayabusa has only made appearances in DOA 5 and Warriors all Stars. With the success of Nioh and a sequel already announced, the chance of seeing a Ninja Gaiden 4 doesn’t seem to high but one can only dream.

2. Splinter Cell

Although Splinter Cell was a multiplatform game for the most part, it has a deep history with the Xbox brand. The last time we had splinter cell game was 2013 and since then, we had Sam Fisher’s goggles as an Easter egg in Assassin’s Creed along with his recent cameo in Ghost Recon wild-lands so it’s not far fetched. XO would definitely be a great place to premiere the next splinter cell game.

3. Lost Odyssey 

It’s been over 10 years since Lost Odyssey launched on the xbox 360. Most fans call this the true Final Fantasy XIII since the game stuck to the traditional turn base formula. Lost Odyssey probably didn’t sell well but we feel like it deserves a second chance. Developer, Mistwalker haven’t been in the AAA realm for a while and working on Lost Odyssey 2 would be a great way to come back to the console space.

4. Yakuza Series

Bringing the Yakuza series to Xbox would definitely be a moment to remember, the games have mainly been exclusive to Playstation in the west and since Yakuza 0 is available on PC, I don’t see why Xbox shouldn’t get a port. Since Xbox head, Phil Spencer has been to Japan recently, it’ll definitely be interesting to see what he manage to sign.

5. Scalebound Revival 

Since Microsoft Cancelled the development of Scalebound, it left a bad taste with the masses. The game was meant to be similar to monster hunter with platinum’s signature gameplay. With an open world setting, scalebound looked like an ambitious project. Since Platinum Games are busy at work with Bayonetta 3, my ideal candidate to revive Scalebound would be Ninja Theory, who were recently acquired by Microsoft this year. It may seem like a huge task but I think Ninja Theory can complete this project and create a quality game.

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