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P3D and P5D Demos Released On The US PS Store Plus Persona Macarons?!

Today both Persona spin-offs came jiving onto North American PSN stores allowing players a taste of both Dancing in Moonlight and Dancing in Starlight, with the demo allegedly strutting it’s way over to European shores December 11th. The demo consists of 4 tracks for each title including anthems like P3D’s Burn My Dread (Novoiski Remix), Light the Fire Up in the Night, P5D’s Rivers in the Desert (Mito Remix), Blooming Villain, and more, offering a meaty sample for fans to chew on ahead of the the duo’s release December 4th.

Digital pre-orders for the titles also went live today alongside the combined edition, Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection. The titles feature the same bonus content as the physical editions, Shinjiro Aragaki will be available in Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight with the final boss theme of Persona 3, Battle Hymn of the Soul. Whilst with Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight,  our lovable, if wildly homicidal pancake detective Goro Akechi tags along with the Persona awakening theme of Persona 5, Will Power. All digital pre-orders of the Persona Endless Night Collection will grant both characters and theme songs on the game’s launch on December 4. Both Akechi and Shinjiro, as well as both of their songs, can be used interchangeably in either P3D or P5D.

Unfortunately for European fans, digital pre-orders won’t be available for P3D, P5D, or the Endless Night Collection, however any digital purchases of the games within two weeks of launch will provide the same bonuses as the digital pre-orders described above. This applies to both the PS4 and Vita versions of the games.

Now for something completely different.


For Californian Persona die-hards, specifically those in Irvine, a collaboration between confectioner Honey & Butter Macarons and Atlus is stirring up something truely tasty. Alongside P3 and P5 themed character macarons, the entire bakery will be decked out in true SEES and Phantom Thief style, with a selection of exclusive P3D and P5D merchandise available. The event is happening between November 24th-28th at the Irvine Spectrum, so if you happen to be in the are go and check it out!

Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight and Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight alongside the combined Persona Dancing: Endless Night Collection are all available December 4th on the PS4 and PS Vita.

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