The Concept Art of ME!ME!ME! – MCM London Comic Con Exclusive

As part of this weekend’s London MCM Comic Con Hibiki Yoshizaki, Director of the infamous ME!ME!ME! and its sequel Girl, attended meeting fans and signing merchandise, bringing his own lurid, neon-washed 18+ booth with him.

ME!ME!ME! did it’s memeish run across the internet back in 2014, renowned for its overload of visuals, visceral violence and blood belied by an army of bouncing, giggling gals intent on literally consuming the otaku who once consumed them. A complicated story hung below the bombastic display of vaginal imagery, worthy of many watches to unpick the tale, but it translates as a critique of otaku culture. My favourite part is the finale, involving a mech, Gattling gun tiddies all taking place around a womb like structure. It’s a lot to take in.

Beyond the black curtain of the seemingly bright yet definitely bouncy booth exterior, lied a small cinema screen where guests at the event could sit and watch both AMVs, balking at both boobs and blood beautifully entangled. Within the booth, we were able to grab snaps of the lesser seen concept art that went into making ME!ME!ME!, line sketches sat among story boards, fan art and a particularly lewd, posed MEME, bidding guests farewell.

Concept art for Hana and Hanna-Chan.


Concept art for MEME.

Concept Art for Hana’s final form.

And finally, the concept art for leading otaku Syu-Chan and his mech.

The full version of ME!ME!ME! can be seen on Vimeo.


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