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Smash Direct Roundup – Adventure Mode, Piranha Plant and DLC Confirmed

Turns out some of that leaked info was right! Both Street Fighter’s Ken and Pokemon’s Incineroar are playable new fighters in today’s incredible final update!

With Ken’s signature moves and Incineroar’s familiar move pool in full display, the pair are worthy additions to the roster, but are only the tip of the iceberg in today’s slew of news.

Spirits are a big new feature, gone are trophies of old, to incorporate far more characters and save dev time, spirits allow a wealth of new characters to be involved in the game.

To do with the new Adventure Mode, more on that later, disembodied character can link up with fighters giving them added bonuses and can also be backed up with yet more assist spirits giving further boosts. Ranging from Novice, Advanced, Ace and Legend, all kinds of new characters can be included now. To earn a spirit you enter a Spirit Battle, a fighter equipped with a certain spirit you fight through a gimmick battle, Fire Emblems overly dramatic Owain for example is earned through besting Chrom with a Kiling Edge who is taunting every moment he isn’t fighting. These spirits can also be leveled up, fused to make new spirits, trained at a gym or fed to amiibos for bonuses. It’s a robust new system and an awesome way of having hundreds more characters included literally in spirit through these gimmick match-ups.

Assist Trophies now, and there’s way too many to count or see. Shadow, Thwomp, Dr. Wily, Fire Emblem’s Tiki, Art Academy’s Vince and Fatal Frame’s Yuri Kozukata are there just to name a few. This game is massive.

Mii Fighters return in full force with costumes spanning ARMS, Splatoon, Zelda and even both Custom Robo and Chibi-Robo.


There was also info on DLC in the works, perhaps confirming a few more leaks, some who are missing still have a shred of hope to appear. I’m looking at you Skullkid and Geno. With each pack of DLC featuring a fighter, stage and track, the packs will be £5.39 a piece, or for the true fan, which is all of us, a season pass for all they release with every pack will launch for £22.39.

Early buyers of both digital download versions and those who buy physical copy’s will be able to unlock, via gold star redeem code, the least likely character any of us saw coming to the title.

Complete with amiibo.

And our final incredible bombshell, an adventure mode to rival, nay, obliterate The Subspace Emissary from Brawl. Simply titled World of Light, featuring an incredible cinematic and an overworld map where we see switches, blocks appearing to form platforms and Pokemon Trainer summoning a Lapras to ride across water. This is insane.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes exclusively to the Switch December 7th.

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