Vampyr Swoops Onto Switch

The vampiric escapades of the ravenous Dr. Jonathan Reid are making their way to the Switch, as penned by Focus Home Interactive’s latest financial report.

The gothic action-RPG’s seen success on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, the Switch inviting developers Dontnod into the bustling folds of its library, Vampyr slinking in to nestle snuggly between other such dark and moody offerings like Doom, Diablo III and Dark Souls. Vampyr sees you don the role of the good doctor, with a choice to nurture patients or bleed them dry, giving in to his new urges. Much like rearing cattle, caring for citizens, their ailments and worries, will glean a much more toothsome meal later down the line, netting a wealth of EXP. It’s a great dichotomy that can be explored any way a player chooses, but manipulating the Citizen system is how you transform Dr Reid into an OP blood baron – and that’s really the aim here.

With very little information about when the port is actually arriving, Q3 of next year seems to be the most likely answer and the soonest we’ll be able nibble necks on the go on Nintendo’s hybrid console. We can’t wait.


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