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3 Reasons Why PS Now Provides More Value Than Xbox Gamepass

Ever since Xbox Gamespass launched last year, we’ve had many comparisons between Microsoft’s rental service and Sony’s PlayStation Now. Microsoft had a clear advantage with Gamepass as streaming via the cloud wasn’t required. However that has changed since Sony announced that they’re allowing users to download games directly to their PlayStation 4.

Both Sony and Microsoft are doing a great job when it comes to providing their services but I believe Sony are providing more that’s pleasing to the eye.

Here’s the 3 reasons why PS now provides more value for your money than Xbox Gamepass:

1. Quantity and Quality

When it come to content, Sony clearly win by a landslide as it provides over 650 titles from PS2, PS3 and PS4. While Microsoft Provide over 100 titles from OG-xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Sony clearly have the upper hand. You can download and play critically acclaimed bangers, such as Bloodborne, The Last Of Us and much more.

2. No PlayStation Plus Required to play Online Multiplayer 

While Microsoft want to add an extra layer of charges, Sony have taken the opposite approach. To all users that are currently subscribed to PlayStation now wouldn’t have pay for PlayStation Plus to enjoy Online Multiplayer while on Xbox Gamespass, Xbox Live Gold is required which makes it a deal-breaker to gamers like myself.

3. Price

Pricing is something you’ll have to put in to consideration. At £84.99/$99.99, players will get access to 3 Generations of PlayStation games and not require PlayStation Plus to play online multiplayer while with Xbox Gamepass, you pay £95.98/$119.98 and only have access to a 100+ games. The most important thing are the games. The whole point of the service is to provide the most for the consumer. If Microsoft want to focus on services then they have a lot work to do.


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