Senran Kagura Reflexions – Review

You don’t need this review.

You know if this game is for you, you know what this game is and you know who you are, every last one of you. Reviewing this title is tricky, because it’s such an easy target to slate, mock or otherwise abhor, so to be as objective as I can about this title meeting the aims it’s very clearly set out to meet, I’ll have to eject a great deal of personal opinion, to give it a sporting chance. From the perspective of an audience enraptured by this world of gelatinous, reality-bending tatas, how does the latest title in the salacious series shape up? Well, lower the blinds, strap on some headphones and don a pair of disembodied Mickey Mouse gloves, things are about to get thicc.

There’s a very explicit aim of Reflexions, to relieve in-game Asuka of her tension and you, the joy-con waggling player, of yours. Through “reflexology” you guide a distressed Asuka through various massages, filling up a small vial to reach her “heart’s desire”. Beginning in an empty, dusk-lit classroom, a setting that could’ve perhaps been romantic if it wasn’t for the context, you enter what is probably the strangest level select screen gaming has ever had to offer. Holding hands with her, a joy-con in each of your sweaty palms, you enter “basic reflexology” and knead and massage points on her hands and fingers, which takes you to one of her daydreams, of which there are 7. From fellow classmate and personal tutor, to an RPG battle woman, Idol girl and even disturbingly, your own little sister, Asuka’s fantasies take you to different scenes as she dons different outfits, the most wholesome of which being a gift-wrapped costume that leaves nothing to the imagination. Whilst here you begin molestin- MASSAGING the franchise mainstay through the joy-con, fondling her, caressing, grabbing, pinching, flicking and squirting her with a water gun in a vain attempt to see through her scant shirts. As you do this, Asuka begins to show signs of emotion, you know, beyond coy, virtual flesh puppet made of pudding and water balloons. As you fondle said balloons, she may feel sorrow at your shocking, lewd behavior, or delight, love, joy or other such colour-coded notion as you caress her arm or traipse lines across her thigh.

The bottom line here is that the way you interact with her leads to different endings, depending on the colour path you’ve leaned towards, indicated by her heart vial. With 7 different scenarios and 5 different emotions that show you different aspects of that particular fantasy, there’s a total of 35 scenes to see depending on how you slap and grope her. The main pull of this title and reason for it’s Switch exclusive nature is the HD rumble feature, boasted by the title to bring you closer than ever before to your waifu. With joy-cons in hand, you do feel slight rubs and a heartbeat as you knead her hands, you can feel a wobble as you play with your pudding woman, it’s a unique experience, one that I feel those looking for would thoroughly enjoy. The visual aid coupled by the consoles tactility alongside high-pitched audio is unlike anything else in it’s…genre. When you finally enter “Divine Reflexology”, a whole minute to bring Asuka to climax with a tool of your choice, you feel the little bumps on the roller as you caress her leg, or the aforementioned wobble as you slap her thighs, or even the wild vibrations of a dubious, bobble-headed “Massager”. It’s not quite what I thought it would be, I’d have liked to see more tools used to push this feature further, but what is there is at least a bit more than a glorified tech demo.

As you navigate Reflexology, filling up her vial, entering a scene and then finishing her off with a sparkle-studded ecchi display that speaks volumes of Nintendo’s growth as a company, you’ll complete a single run of the main campaign in little under and hour, unlocking part of her heart. This gives you part of an image, complete only once you’ve seen all the title has to offer. Beyond reflexology, there’s a lurid walk-in wardrobe of costumes, outfits, hairstyles and accessories to unlock throughout the main campaign, to dress her how you like in the main menu, the game’s scenes or in a very specific diorama mode, all complete with at least five different colour options. This particular mode is also laden with such ecchi delights as the Power Butt 3 pose, Power Cleavage 5 position and more meticulous pose customisations that you could ever waggle a once clean joy-con at. The wealth of content to unlock or purchase as DLC is actually quite impressive, with a whole new campaign and girl in the form of Yumi, complete with her own costumes, available now with more girls, outfits and poses coming in the next few weeks. Especially “useful” in the title’s free mode, “Mini- Reflexology”, where you can massage her to your absolute heart’s content in any form you choose.

Senran Kagura has always been a series about boobs and butts, but there was a game under it all, rhythm-action, FPS or fighting titles coming to the forefront, dressed up and decorated by anime jiggle-physics. There is a game here, or a tool should we say, that offers everything it set out to do, affords many customisations, a variety of scenarios and content for those who want it all at a pretty reasonable entry price of £8.99. You’ll get your bang for your buck, the HD rumble works well in bringing you closer to one of the many ninjas of the academy and if we focus on that, the title is pretty sweet. Now excuse me as I baptise myself in flame.

A review code was provided by Xseed Games  to review

Developer: Marvelous Games Publisher: Xseed Games
Release date: 13/09/2018
Platform: Nintendo Switch

Version Reviewed: Nintendo Switch

(in) Decent

You’ll get your bang for your buck, the HD rumble works well in bringing you closer to one of the many ninjas of the academy and if we focus on that, the title is pretty sweet.


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