Nintendo Direct – First Party Roundup

Another Nintendo Direct, another chance to be floored by reveals, teasers and launch dates. Here’s the rundown on everything first party from last night’s showcase.

We begin with Luigi’s Mansion, the third title to be exact. Yes, a new title in long suffering Luigi’s ectoplasmic escapades swoops onto the Switch 2019, following the style of Luigi’s 3DS debut, Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon. But before that, the original Luigi’s Mansion is coming to 3DS October 12th, boasting 2 player co-op mode and 3DS download play for co-op boss rushes. The series has finally evolved into a trilogy with new and old fans able to lap up Luigi’s first ghoulish outing just in time for Halloween.

Another port to the 3DS comes in the form of Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn, a remake of the 2010 Wii title with new features. New yarn transformations allow our woven puffball to knit yarn projectiles and create gusts to suck in elusive beads, whilst a devilish challenge mode will keep players on their toes as they’re hounded by the darkest creatures a fluffly yarn world can offer. Minigames have also been added featuring Dreamlands finest, a King Dedede rush where as the portly, sovereign ‘guin  you destroy all in your path and a Meta Knight swoop where you dive and slash enemies for ever elusive beads. Kirby’s threaded outing launches sometime in 2019.

Our last port is Bowser’s Inside Story + Bowser Jr’s Journey launching January 11th, where our plumber duo are shrunk and swallowed by the koopa king, navigating his body in series typical, timing based combat. The latter campaign pf the title features a scenario from the perspective of Bowser’s sprog, with a unique grid based combat system that follows the story of Bowser’s son hunting high and low for a cure to his father’s voracious affliction.

We then move on to the Switch, which begins with a teaser trailer for the new Splatoon 2 version update, offering a sneak peak into new gear, specials and stages, with more info coming soon. Very little is given away here, but Octolings seem to take center stage. With the paid Online Nintendo service rolling out September 19th, Splatoon 2 will surely be pulling out all the stops to pull fans straight back in.

A new update for Mario Aces offers four new characters, All-Rounder Birdo, Technical sharpshooters Shy Guy and Koopa Paratroopa alongside powerhouse Petey Piranha. More characters will also be making their way in the future, but for now new costumes and palette swaps are also available for taking part and completing missions in new online co-op challenges. The update comes September 19th.

New Super Mario Bros. U is another Wii U title that’s getting a second chance on the Switch as New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, with Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadette and Nabbit all playable. The latter are a little special, Nabbit taking no damage for casual speed-runs and Toadette gaining access to an exclusive crown power-up, transforming her into Peachette complete with double jump, a floaty glide and a second chance should she fall off a stage. The New Super Luigi U DLC is also included, the whole package coming January 11th.

Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Eevee! are covered next, addressing the features recently announced, that of specific Special Moves for your partners, like elemental attacks reflecting Eevee’s evolutions or Pikachu’s surfing, and Secret Techniques replacing HMs. Pikachu on a surfboard and a balloon ride with Eevee are now the only ways to travel Kanto in style. We also see some new footage of ride Pokemon, like Rapidash and Dodrio.

80 new mini games are available in Super Mario Party coming to the Switch alongside a plethora of online features and game modes. There’s a series first 4-player co-op mode dubbed River Survival, a mode that connects the displays of Switch systems for mini games, the tried and tested board game mode makes it’s way back to ruin lives and friendships with character specific dice blocks here to give players an edge in tough situations. Either way, the friendly face of Nintendo’s baleful beast arrives October 5th.

Dynamic dioramas are the name of the game in Yoshi’s Crafted World, a new 3D platformer for our favourite, egg-laying dinosaur thing where the world is made of everything from paper plates to plastic cups. Levels can be played in reverse to reveal a flipside view, flipped on it’s head or be seen from any new perspective to scour every corner for new goodies, eggs in hand. A klepto’s dream, co-op is also available when the game hops onto the Switch this Spring.

Finally we arrive at Smash Bros., beginning with an exclusive Switch Console with matching Joy-Cons coming November 2nd, the whole package a thing of supreme beauty. But not more so than what comes next. We’re treated to an anxiety laden, ever so furtive character reveal, visiting the peaceful Mayor’s Office of Animal Crossing. A busy Isabelle dutifully takes care of the Villager’s chores, now he’s off smashing or frolicking a smartphone-based campsite. She then receives a letter. Our favorite assistant has just joined Smash.  With all manner of quirky moves, similar to the Villager, she’s here to whimsically dethrone all of gaming’s finest. We leave with a rather somber, forgotten Tom Nook, pleased for the success of his friends, gingerly revealing all the work he’s got ahead of him…Animal Crossing is coming to the Switch in 2019, this is not a drill, this is happening.

An incredible way to end another spectacular Direct announcement, Nintendo cleanly set up 2019 to be an incredible year for them, ending 2018 with Smash Bros., Pokemon and yes, all manner of juicy ports to keep us going.


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