Marvel’s Spider-Man: 4 Facts That May Blow Your Mind

It’s been a huge year for Sony Interactive Entertainment when it comes to a plethora of high quality first party AAA titles. The Publisher alongside Insomniac games recently released Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation 4 and its been a critical hit. We’ve but together some facts on Insomniac’s journey and the buildup so here’s 4 facts you should know about Marvel’s Spider-Man.

1. Spider-Man would not be possible without PlayStation.

Insomniac Creative Director, Bryan Intihar, spoke at legnth on the “Kinda Funny” Podcast about how much freedom, resources, and support Insomniac Games was given thanks to PlayStation.

“This game does not exist if it wasn’t for PlayStation. (…) If not for their support, this game would not exist (..) Anytime I wanted to change something the question was: Would it make the game better? The answer was OK do it, and it was the last time I’d hear about it.”

“ So many people want to talk about Marvel and Insomanic (….) But I owe everything to PlayStation.“

Intihar goes on further to speak at legnth about how each and every change, idea, or modification the team wanted to make to the core game – PlayStation / Marvel had given the green light and went above and beyond to insure the developer’s had total creative freedom.

2. The Architect of the PS4 – Mark Cerny worked as a producer on the game.

Mark Cerny? Yes the mastermind himself worked closely with the developers at Insomniac to deliver what we here at Remote Play consider the greatest comic-book game of all time. Speaking to Gamespot – Intihar recalls how Cerny was the smartest man in the room and helped shape the game to what it is today.

3. Insomniac’s Ted Price initially was hesitant about working on the Spider-Man IP.

Due to Insomniac’s indepent status, they are free to choose whatever project they can work on. Having just released the amazing Sunset Overdrive and Ratchet and Clank Remake- Price would inquire the developers at Insomniac what they thought of working on Spider-Man.

Speaking to IGN, Ted Price recalls when he was presented with the idea to work on a Spider-Man game– he initially relented. He’d never thought about working on someone else’s IP before. However, he was still unsure so he than went to his team and asked the question: “Should we work on Spider-Man?”

The overwhelming respone from the studio was a resounding yes and from there Insomniac took on the project.

4. Developers at Sony’s First Party showed overwhelming support for Spider-Man

Once Spider-Man reviews hit and Spider-Man launched tons of positive support and enthusiasm poured in from all across the first party developer network at PlayStation. Pictures with Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn and Spider-Man, Kratos / Atreus and Spider-Man, as well as dozens of tweets from top level studio employees from across the likes of Naughty Dog, Guerilla, Sony Santa Monica, etc. were posted. Spider-Man was a celebration not just for Insomniac but for everyone across PlayStation.

This relationship can be described as “One big happy family!” – was not just the by product of Spider-Man. For example, the water technology used in Resistance 2, some of the critical work on the PS3’s SPUs, and the tech sharing initiative at Sony was spearheaded thanks to the likes of developer’s at Insomniac.

Spider-Man is currently the best selling game of the year in it’s first week in the UK and getting rave reviews. It’s out now and available exclusively on the PS4.

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