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Details Nintendo’s First Original Mobile RPG – Dragalia Lost

Back in April, Nintendo announced they were working on a new project with Cygames which is an upcoming Mobile action RPG called Dragalia Lost. At the time, gamers could only pre-register for the upcoming game on the Japanese language website, but now the game is available to pre-register on the English listing on the play store.

The story takes place long ago in the Kingdom of Alberia, which use to be a place for humans and dragons to live coincide with each other. The kingdom held a special power crystal that protected the kingdom from monsters trespassing. Now the crystal is losing its power as monsters approach closer to terrorize the citizens. With no more dragons living in the kingdom to be the guardians for the people, it seems like all hope is lost.

You take control of the main character who is the prince of the kingdom of Alberia, He sets himself on a quest to gain the strength to protect his kingdom from the dark days to come. Until he stumbles across the great Dragon Midgardsormr who once made a pact with the founder of Alberia. The hero makes a new alliance with the Dragon and his party members to fight against the monsters that creep along the lands.

Dragalia Lost is a fast-paced real-time hack and slash that allows you to customise up to 4 party members who hold different classes to help aid you on your journey. Journey through the lands as you fight tough monsters and bosses while making new pacts with other dragons, and teaming up with new party members who are willing to support you in your battle.

Swipe across to dodge enemy attacks, spam touch enemies to do an array of combos. Building up the combos allow you to unleash special moves to do extra damage. Players have to play strategically so they don’t enrage monsters (causing the monster to do additional damage) and try to make the monsters “break” which is similar to Final Fantasy’s stagger system, making the monster fall and become vulnerable to incoming attacks for a short period of time.

on top of all that hacking fun, you can also unleash your true potential by transforming into an all-powerful dragon to unleash some heavy damage in limited time to help turn the tides. This new dragon transformation is like the Devil Trigger from Devil May Cry games or even turning Golden Sonic in Sonic games.

Dragalis Lost offers several ways of levelling up your characters on top of the usual grinding for exp method. Players will be able to upgrade their weapons to do extra damage, unlock skill trees to further enhance their abilities, unlock mining camps in a Farmville style mode to gain more exp.

Still not enough? players will be able to collect and summon some special rare characters to really do some damage.

Dragalia Lost will be Nintendo’s first original game for Mobile platforms. You can expect the game to be released on 27th September 2018 in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau. More regions to be confirmed later.

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