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PS Plus September Lineup Includes Destiny 2 & God of War III Remastered

Remember that time when PlayStation used to deliver incredible titles every month for free? Ah yes, before the PS4 was released… September 2018 is carrying on PlayStation’s spectacular 2018 lineup of free games with two of the best played games on PlayStation.

First up is 2017’s best selling shooter Destiny 2. The game launched last year in September with mixed critical reaction with many prasing the evolution of Destiny to Destiny 2 but criticising the overall gameplay that was provided in the game. As time went on and feedback was collected, Destiny 2 is in a whole different place than it was at launch, with a considerable amount of quests to do and missions to complete. Not to mention the massive Forsaken patch that is available to all players. As an extra treat, you’re able to start playing the full game now as it’s available on the PSN store as part of September’s lineup. We’re extremely excited to play Destiny 2: Forsaken this month and if you get hooked on the Destiny fever, we’ll see you stateside, Guardian.

Next on the list is 2010’s God of War III. Or should I say 2015’s God of War III Remastered. Many gamers have been anticipating God of War’s release this year, beaten the game and praised it for all its glory. Amongst the hundreds and thousands of gamers, many haven’t seen Kratos’ story and this gives those players a perfect chance to experience the gritty royal god-of-war story.

Accompanying the PS4 lineup of games are:


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