Hints Of Yakuza Ishin And Kenzan Finally Coming West

In a time when Samurai games seem to be as popular as ever, with a plethora currently announced for current consoles, it seems Sega is jumping onto the fuedal Japan hype train by trying to garner interest about the possiblity of bringing Yakuza Kenzan and Ishin to the west. Recently asking fans in a survey if they would be interested in “spin-off’s that never came west”. This can only mean Yakuza Kenzan and Ishin where Yakuza is concerned.

Yakuza Kenzan first launched way back on PS3 in March of 2008 while Yakuza Ishin was the first Yakuza game to land on PS4 in 2014. Both were not deemed worthy for a western release at the time much to the disapointment of fans, but now Yakuza seems to have its second wind in the West the chances of seeing these games land on our shores have drastically improved.

Anything to do with more Yakuza is ok by us. Bring it on Sega!





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