Microsoft Desperately Trying To Boost Console Sales With An Xbox All Access Contract

According to sources in an article with The Verge, it looks like Microsoft/Xbox will be adopting a contract-type subscription plan for its entertainment consoles. Now the reason I’ve stated entertainment is because Microsoft and Xbox are more adamant on their consoles becoming versatile in not just gaming but also a remote-like set-top box. I mean, it’s great to have a line-up of first party exclusives, it’s also extremely generous and amazing to have these games release on the Xbox Games Pass too. It’s not great when Xbox are trying to push contract based plans to people to equip their line-up of consoles, both the Xbox One S & Xbox One X.

The Xbox One S bundle will be going for $22 while the Xbox One X will be going for $34.99 a month, if true. I understand the needs of the consumer base to want mobile phone contracts, you use your phone nearly three-quarters of your day. But are you really going to be using your Xbox for more than 4-5 hours per day?. The overall cost you’ll be paying for an Xbox One X with an All Access is $839.76 by the time your contract ends.

Whereas you can pay for Gold/Game Pass on sites like CJS CDkeys and G2A for a cheaper price and buy an Xbox One X at full price, it comes to $703.43 which makes this contract less attractive. So $130+ more for over two years? no thanks.

Once again, if true, this subscription contract idea will only be limited to the US and might be the most bizarre thing Microsoft/Xbox have done. But, there’s a selling point to this. If it means that financial profits go up because of a majority of players/consumers are purchasing these contracts then by all-means Xbox, could revive Scalebound.



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